Lise Sandahl is a Danish based company started year 2000 in the heart of Sjælland.Initially with main focus of accessories such as bags, scarves and jewellery but the coming years pants, t-shirts, skirts etc to establish a wider range and a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing for the fashionable and modern woman.Besides manufacturing Lise Sandahl designs , develops and produces styles for several of the biggest companies and make their goals and visions possible. The recognition of Lise Sandahl's styles is the livefullness and the coloring, and many of the styles are handmade. See our beautiful videos on youtube right here (2014 - 2011 - 2011/2)

Lise Sandahl designs is reaching out to the strong, independent woman, each style is designed to let her inner beauty out, feeling special and adorable. The fabric are very flattering to the woman's body, and the colors and prints awakes the playfulness.  Using all the best materials, such as cotton, viscose and silk . The mission of Lise Sandahl and what she believes and stand for is to create ready to wear, affordable clothing's as an gratitude to the beautiful women around the world.

Already as a little girl the woman behind these designs was strolling along in her grandmothers garden, with big eyes admiring beautiful flowers and colors (the beauty of nature, all the colors, the flowers which flourished in full bloom) .Even then she stood out from the crowd, her mother said. The growing interest followed her through the years as she grew older,  and beautiful patterns and designs occurred. You can tell Lise´s passion and the love for her creations just by noticing the unique styles.